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Back At It…

Well it’s been about two years since I have posted to this blog. In that time my wife and I have had another baby, Vivienne Beverly Mae. She is the most amazing little girl I could ever ask for. She loves to dance, and we are learning the ABC’s. Jack is now 4 about to be 5 in September. He started pre school last year and loves it and is doing very good.

I am going back to school doing the IT program at Kaplan University. So far I like it and am doing pretty good. Not too sure yet what I want to specialize in but I am really liking the web design class I am in right now.

So for now this will be it but I will try to keep updating the blog regularly. If you keep up with my posts thank you and hope to hear from you sometime.


New Galaxy S4 phone

Been enjoying my new Samsung Galaxy S4 for the last few hours… We were due for an upgrade in about a week, but I called Verizon and they let us upgrade early… So while at Sam’s Club they had an AMAZING deal on the S4… any new contract, upgrade or add a line and the S4 is only $99… couldn’t pass that up… the wife and I both got the S4 and I looking forward playing with the phone for the next few days!!!

According to Brad

This is my first blog… I am new to the whole “blog” community, so not real sure what I am doing. My blogs will be about my experiences in my life and the things that are important to me. My wife and I are expecting our 2nd child at the end of August. I am excited and scared at the same time, more excited than anything tho. For those who decide to read my blogs and follow me, I will post questions, ask for your opinion and give you mine on topics and events that are important… According to Brad